The DWP and Maximus ‘no esa50′ Fraud

I got this letter from Maximus (formerly Atos, calling themselves CHDA this week).


Demanding, that I attend yet another of the dwp’s ‘assessments’.
That’s the Seventh in 5 years 8 months, or on average one every 9.7 months.
With a “healthcare professional”. (Nurses with zero professional mental health qualifications, who demand that I ‘talk about it’).
For PTSD the nhs calls ‘talking about it’ ‘medical treatment’. Not easy at the best of times, and this is the Worst.
With yet more threats of financial harm if I don’t attend.

For all of their previous constant ‘assessments’ they have first sent a ‘questionnaire’ (esa50 form) for me to fill in.
They did not do that this time, just sent this letter. There’s no mention of esa50 questionnaires there, or in their leaflet.

I looked up their own The Employment and Support Allowance Regulations 2013 (there’s the same thing in their 2008 version)

Regulation 18 states –
“18.—(1) Where a claimant fails without good cause to comply with the request referred to in regulation 17(1)(b), “
[filling out and sending in an esa50 form]

“that claimant is, subject to paragraph (2), to be treated as not having limited capability for work.”
[declared ‘fit for work’, all benefits stopped…. homeless and starved to death]

All they have to do is lie about sending a form or lie about not recieving a form.
They already tried something similar when they lied about me ‘not attending’ one of their ‘assessments’. No money at all for three months, none of them are in prison for that yet.
As I have already had, and tried reporting, crime from members of that gang (when it was calling itself Atos) I’m not holding my breath for anything but their mates trying to cover up their crimes.

It was a while before I was able to face having to to talk to any of that lot, but I phoned their number to get them to cancel their bs assessment and send me an esa50 form…..

0800 2888777

Er….. (!)….. “and also further medical evidence evidence from your GP”…… what?……

How the hell are Maximus, and the dwp, able to steal medical information about me from what is supposed to be my gp WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE AND WITHOUT ANY CONSENT.???

And I only find out because some random anomyous callcenter ***** let it slip whilst noncing at it!

Their ‘sign this or starve’ under duress, uninformed ‘consent’ is on their esa50 form. And they did not, and will not, send that form.

Just because Maximus and the dwp have ratted around a skip for old unread leftovers from Atos that does not give them anything even vaguely like consent.

Here is a hopefully troll-safe version of the esa50 form and documents that they are using. The ‘consent’ part is on page 17 –


I sent that form by email after the paper one got ‘lost in the post’ (no change there then). If they are using that form again then where are the Police? again.
More on what those dwp, ico, workinglinks(wrag) and jobcentre sickos then did… later….

But for now. I then tried to phone the jobcenterplus number 0345 6088545
poor quality, my phone was sulking, but still audible if you can bear it…

My main point was to state the bleedin obvious to them, yet again. As I have already done on the bottom of the first page of documents that they are using for this assessment.

The dwp’s “professional” medically unqualified Decision Makers and Maximus “professional” Bed Pan Emptyers use information called ‘WCA Evidence Based Medicine Protocols’.
They are plain english, dumbed down, even a five year old can understand guidance on medical conditions written by experts and refering to the science.
They were published after someone did a FOI request here – (scroll down to near the bottom)

The direct quote from page 15 of their – Adjustment Disorders and PTSD.pdf states…

“…Treatment appears to accelerate recovery time although the
long-term chronicity remains about 40% with or without treatment.

The slow recovery times show that, for purposes of disability assessment, two-year
reassessments, up to a 6-year maximum, are indicated.

Disability assessments performed at intervals of less than 2 years are unlikely to
show much change, and after a 6-year interval, those chronically disabled are likely
to remain so.”

There’s even a simple two line graph, I’m on the “With Treatment” line.
Those sick vulnerable adult abusing WCA criminals shot their load about two years ago. Just after their attempted murder (by starvation/suicide) and the vile pack of (‘give him to our wrag abusers’) lies and omissions by one of their sick quacks at their last ‘face-to-face’ frauds.

Oh… and what the NHS euphemistically calls “treatment” was just a sick pile of crime and abuse, currently being covered-up by the ombudsman for wales.
I don’t doubt that my blind-eye turning, willfully neglectful “gp” is just trying to save her own skin and protect her mates.

There’s plenty more I could go on about… like… The Fraud Act 2006, Theft Act 1968 – Section 21 – Blackmail, Witness Intimidation, The Bribery Act 2010, Perverting The Course of Justice, Accessories and Abettors Act 1861, Conspiracy to Defraud, Common Assault/Battery/ABH/GBH/Attempted Murder, The Computer Misuse Act,  Ill Treatment and Neglect, Abuse of Vulnerable Adults, Disability Hate Crime, Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, Criminal Attempts Act 1981

But for now here is what The Crown Prosecution Service says about –

Misconduct in Public Office –

Misconduct in public office is an offence at common law triable only on indictment.
It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment

Examples of behaviour that have in the past fallen within the offence include:

   wilful excesses of official authority;
‘malicious’ exercises of official authority;
wilful neglect of a public duty;
intentional infliction of bodily harm, imprisonment, or other injury upon a person;
frauds and deceits.


So, as I told the jobcentreplus ***** I’ll email all of this to them and CC it to everyone I can think of… again. Let’s see if anyone at south wales police has worked out how to read emails yet…

And also do –

on their WCA –
Data Protection Act – Section 10 –
Right to prevent processing likely to cause damage or distress

Oi Gollum –
Leave now, and never come back

Protection from Harassment Act 1997

Leave Now, And Never Come Back

Serious Crime Act 2007 – Part 1 Serious Crime Prevention Orders –