We Know Where You Live – Part 3

Now we will try freezing you to death.


THE SAME DAY as I filmed Vale of Glamorgam Council criminal abusers playing with their erections in my garden –

Another gang of criminals, working for the criminal sicko ATOS Welsh Government, called ‘Wales & West Utilities’


sent me this Intimidating, Malicious Communication

Malicious Communications Act –

Perverting The Course of Justice –



Wales & West Utilities works for ATOS Welsh Government criminals on their – Energy and Environment Sector Panel

Welsh Government – Energy and Environment sector panel –
Steve Edwards –
“Steve Edwards has 20 years experience in the sector, and built up detailed knowledge of UK energy regulatory frameworks and energy policy as Head of Regulation for Wales & West Utilities.”

Wales & West Utilities has recieved at least 192 MILLION EUROS, arranged by Criminal Vulnerable Adult Abusing Nonce JANE HUTT.


Welsh Government Deputy Minister Julie James AM (Labour)

” made several recommendations which required active collaboration between the DWP and the Welsh Government.”
Welsh Government and DWP officials will be working together
“Our ongoing relationship with the DWP as one of our key partners is vital therefore if we are to realise this ambition and I look forward to continuing to lead on our collaboration in this challenging agenda.”

“Julie is a member of (ATOS)Unison

Register of interests
No mention of (ATOS)Unison

The Criminal Abusing Nonce Sickos at Vale of Glamorgam Council state that “Wales & West Utilities have worked closely with the council

And Wales & West Utilities also state that “we have worked closely with” Vale of Glamorgan Council” criminal abusers.

Sent on THE SAME DAY as Vale of Glamorgam Council criminals were playing with their erections in my garden
And I recieved Wales & West Utilities Malicious Communication THE SAME DAY as the Malicious Communication from Vale of Glamorgam Council criminals – http://www.phobosanddeimos.net/we-know-where-you-live/

They couldn’t ‘work closer’ could they.

Welsh Government criminals Wales & West Utilities threaten to cut off my gas supply (freeze me to death).
Just that threat is Criminal Damage –

As Welsh Government criminals Wales & West Utilities “have worked closely with Vale of Glamorgan Council” then they know all about my disability, and that I won’t answer the door to unexpected callers.
(Vale of Glamorgan Council criminals are able to spend all day masturbating their way through victims of violent crime, Rape and Child Abuse private lives stolen and published on computer systems by NHS criminal Quacks).

And obviously there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that I will let any of those criminal nonce sickos gain access to my home!

I didn’t hear anything more from the criminals so I guessed that it was just yet more of their Vulnerable Adult abusing criminal Intimidation.


On 9th Febuary 2017 I found this letter GAFFA TAPED TO THE OUTSIDE OF MY FRONT DOOR!


Just above the letterbox that it couldn’t work out how to use.
(It could have been stuck there for up to five days. It was a bit soggy)
It says –

To complete this work safely, we need to turn off your gas supply.”

and – “To do this, we need access to your property on the date shown above.”
to point out the insanely obvious THERE IS NO DATE “SHOWN ABOVE“.

Once to turn it off and then again to turn it back on. For Atos Welsh Government criminals, not just NO but HELL NO.

Scrawled on the back is a note saying that it needs to “turn the gas back on!

But they hadn’t turned it off!!
So they completed their work UNSAFELY!
So obviously I can’t use the gas now.
Which is of course EXACTLY what the criminal abusers wanted.
(no way am I contacting those Atos Welsh Government criminals)

Then on 4th March 2017 I found these two cards (they worked out how to use the letterbox this time).


Strange that BOTH a ‘Team Leader’ and an ‘Operations Officer’ can’t tell the date, BOTH use the same pen and BOTH have the same handwriting.

Would anyone trust that lot to mess around with their gas supply?

Criminal Damage Act 1971 –

Malicious Communications Act –

Criminal Attempts Act 1981 –

Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter –

Protection from Harassment Act 1997

Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (126 Adults at risk )(197 General interpretation and index of defined expressions )

Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –

Ill-treatment or wilful neglect: care provider offence –

Equality Act 2010
Especially sections 26. Harassment. and 27. Victimisation.

Assisting an Offender – section 4(1) Criminal Law Act 1967 –

Serious Crime Act 2007 – Part 2 – Encouraging or Assisting Crime –

Accessories and Abettors Act 1861 –

Misconduct in Public Office –

(Meaning of Public Function) Human Rights Act 1998 –

Perverting The Course of Justice –

Disability Hate Crime – CPS Legal Guidance –

Criminal Justice Act 2003 (section 146) –
Increase in sentences for aggravation related to disability –