The, still not in prison yet, criminal sickos at Vale of Glamorgan Council continue trying to abuse yet another disabled person to death…


These trespassers appeared in my garden.

(next door is a council house)

Without my consent they had shoved their poles into my bush and were man-handling their rods right outside my bedroom window.
But as soon as I mentioned ‘the Police’ their erection came down and they scarpered.

I cut out of the video all the long bits of me shaking from the flashbacks and trying to calm down the panic attacks because I will not provide free vulnerable adult abuse porn for public sector filth to masturbate over.

Next day I found this Malicious Communication shoved through my box.


From Vale of Glamorgan Council builders Ian Williams http://www.ianwilliams.co.uk/. Vale of Glamorgan Council might be sub-contracting (abetting) their dirty work, but Misconduct In Public Office still applies.

They lie about the date that I received their notice.

They claim that the only thing that I can do is have to pay for my own, or their surveyor (Fraud by Abuse of Position).

They try to intimidate by hiding all of their crime, abuse and law breaking behind a law called ‘The Party Wall etc.Act 1995′.  “‘malicious’ exercises of official authority” (up to life in Prison for that)

To point out the obvious, they have even broken the law that they are misusing to abuse and intimidate – The Party Wall etc.Act 1995 – Section 3

And there is no mention at all of their ‘public duties’ under laws like –
Equality Act 2010 – Section 149 – Public sector equality duty
Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014  (In England it’s the – Care Act 2014)

More Witness Intimidation, Ill Treatment, Wilful Neglect and Misconduct In Public Office from the vulnerable adult abusing criminal sickos at Vale of Glamorgan Council and their Atos/Maximus criminal abusers union Unison at Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Attempted ABH (‘self’ harm)
Attempted Murder (suicide if their criminal abuse gets unbearable)


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